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Giving you the benefits you don't get from insurance

FREE for 12 months (normally £29 a year) courtesy of King's College Alumni

100% discount pre-activated. No card payment details required.

Total Motor Assist from Assist Protect

Welcome to Total Motor Assist

TMA isn't an insurance or breakdown policy: it's a membership scheme that gives you vital services that aren't generally included in car insurance or breakdown cover. Trusted by over 220 organisations and thousands of members.

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Free UK-wide recovery
We'll recover your vehicle after an accident, even if it's your fault!
No insurance claim
You won't have to claim on your insurance when an accident isn't your fault
More services and saving you money
Sits alongside your insurance to give you more services and save you money
24/7 helpline
You can count on impartial advice and support from our 24/7 helpline
You & your family get all these valuable services:
UK-wide accident recovery
Like-for-like replacement car
Manufacturer approved repair
Plugs the gaps in motor insurance
Preserves your no claims discount
Helps avoid paying your insurance excess
24/7 UK-based helpline
How much are you saving today?
Discount for you:
100% off
Amount you're saving:
£29 off
Membership duration:
12 months
Our usual price:
Price for you today:
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