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Giving you the benefits you don't get from insurance

FREE for 12 months (normally £29 a year) courtesy of King's College Alumni

100% discount pre-activated. No card payment details required.

We have 52,599 members and their families, driving 69,255 vehicles and riding 43,833 cycles

In 2023 we saved our members £385,240 in recovery fees, storage charges, and insurance excess

In 2023 we successfully helped 4,269 members with their motoring, cycling and property claims

What do you get?
Why do you need it?
How does it work?
What do you get with TVA?
What do you get with Total Van Assist?

TVA is a membership scheme that gives you a huge range of vital services that aren't generally provided in motor insurance or breakdown cover. You're much better off when you call us first after an accident, because all our services are provided free of charge and without claiming on your insurance in the event of a non-fault accident.


UK-wide accident recovery

Just think how important that could be for you and your work!

Be sure to call us first and we'll make sure you'll never be stranded.

If your vehicle is too damaged to drive, we will recover it free, UK-wide - even if the accident is your fault.


A replacement vehicle like your own

Delivered to you - you won't even need to go and collect it.

We'll seek to deliver an as-new like-for-like replacement vehicle to youUK-wide.

So you'll be able to drive the same type of vehicle as your own. Much better than a courtesy car from your insurer!


Manufacturer approved repair

We'll keep you informed and preserve your warranty.

We will repair all the damage to your vehicle that has resulted from a non-fault accident.

Your repairs will be completed to manufacturer-approved standards and you'll be regularly updated.

No insurance claim

All with no claim on your insurance

Saves you the risk of losing your no claims discount

Where the accident is the fault of an insured third party, the third party insurer pays the bill.

Because there's no claim on your own car insurance, your no claims discount won't be adversely affected.

No excess payment

No insurance excess payment

How much will this save you on your insurance policy?

Where the accident is the fault of an insured third party, you don't have to claim on your own insurance.

This in turn means you're no longer liable to pay your compulsory or voluntary insurance excess.

Sits alongside insurance

Sits alongside your car insurance

We plug the gaps in insurance and breakdown cover.

Includes all the commercial vehiclesyou own or drive of any age, type and value.

Includes all your immediate family who live with you, both as drivers and passengers, including your children.

24/7 helpline

24/7 helpline based in the UK

Simply call us first for immediate assistance day or night.

Our Members' Helpline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at our UK facility.

Staffed by highly trained people here to provide you with immediate help.

Join FREE now

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